Thursday, April 26, 2007

~first posy~

This my first little bouquet of flowers from my own yard this spring! I saw the shepherd's purse flowers in the rose bed in front of my house when I went outside to say goodbye to my man after dinner, and then I went through the yard in search for these little violets, and of course there were these tree blossoms out there too. I come to miss flowers so much during our winters, and it is wonderful to have a little posy of them brightening up my house again. (I also had a red tulip bloom this morning and one little dandelion. :))


Ana said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! They are so wonderful. They look like they smell wonderful too!! I can't wait for my roses to bloom so I can make my own rose boquets!!

Michal said...

How pretty :) Thank you for sharing them with those of us who have been getting no flowers yet ;)