Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberries.  Our first-ever harvest of them.  Our strawberry bed is thick with plants and full of berries.  Delicious.

 *  *  *

A wonderful drink for summer.  Delicious, refreshing and rejuvinating.
I make it up by the quart jar and keep it in my fridge, then take it with me when I'm gardening on a hot day or to church or to a family reunion.  Greta loves it too.  I keep a straw in mine to stir it.

*  *  *


*  *  *

As near Thy Cross a Garden lay,
So, as we follow in the way,
We find a garden.  Pain and loss
Were not the last words of the Cross.

Beyond the sharpness and the strife,
The Easter lily reigns in life.
And singing birds are in the trees;
Were ever singing birds like these?

O Lord, the solemn mystery
Of Cross and Garden beckons me.
Thou who didst never turn Thee back,
Keep my feet steadfast in the track.

~Amy Carmichael~
Mountain Breezes
(p. 232)

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Olivia said...

Treasures of summer--what's better than strawberries? Such a beautiful post this is, and what a lovely poem! Your gardens are a thing of continual beauty...