Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Reunion

My Great-Grandparents, Robert & Erma, and their children
(my Grandpa Bob is top right)

Last Saturday both my family of origin and my own little family got in our big green van and drove to a beautiful dairy farm belonging to my mama's cousin and her husband for a family reunion.  The gathering was for Mama's family, on her dad's side.
It was such a pleasant day.  Blue sky, bright sunshine and time to visit with relatives.

Mama, Aunt Emma and our hostess, Mama's cousin, Julie


The lunch line


Eating with cousins, visiting with Uncle Kevin

Mama found a baby to snuggle

Mama and her Aunt Linda

There was even a calf just waiting for a little friend.

What a beautiful place it was.

I like cows.


Pa even blew bubbles for the littles!


Great-Grandpa Robert & Great-Grandma Erma
(left & middle)

 Mama with her Grandma Erma -->

 My Grandpa Bob


My very own dad and mama


Melissa said...

Thank you so much, Katie Rosie, Curator of the Family Museum, and Archivist of Domestical Treasures. It always blesses me so much to step back and enjoy these things again, through your lens.

Leah said...

This is precious Kat! I love how you put this together for all of us to see. The picture of Greta with the calf is beyond cute!! Beautifully done, Sista friend! :)

Fred & Leon said...

Greta is by far, the cutest little girl I have ever seen <3 The pic of her and the cow, was absolutely perfect!!!


Leah said...

Ah, looking at these again make me want to go out to a dairy farm and take pictures!!! :) Thanks again for capturing these precious moments for those of us who didn't go! :)