Friday, June 3, 2011

:: The marinara sauce bubbling away on my stove smells amazing.  I cannot wait to eat it.  Is pasta really necessary?

::  I moved my rhododendron bush from the garden next to my house to my patio garden.  It's perfect.  With it goes a good deal of my gardening affection, so the patio is the center of my gardening fancies at present.

::  A morning conversation with my mother was just what the doctor ordered.  Ruminations on life, home, philosophy, children, theology, books.  Inspiration for my day, humid and warm though it may be.

::  I think that 'petite diced tomatoes' are just the right size.  Not too large and they still have texture.  Also, lemonade sweetened with agave nectar makes me happy.  So refreshing.

::  My man and I have started another project.  A pergola, of sorts, to keep our woodpile and lawn mower dry and neat.  I think it's going to be lovely, especially when I garden around it and have vines climbing up it and hanging baskets with flowers.

This little boy loves dirt.  This week he discovered the bliss of freedom to smoosh it as he pleases.  Such delight!  Getting him to stay on the quilt to keep him clean for our supper plans was a challenge. :)

Sweetie after her nap


Melissa said...

Delighful in every way, darling girl. Thank you for living it, and embracing it, and photographing, and writing. Talk about *inspiration* just sort of flows from your being. I'm glad you took time to post in what was a very busy, long day.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Katie -

How wonderful that you have eyes to see the beauty in life!

Your project is going to be wonderful - especially with vines and hanging baskets! ;)

Your girlie is is the dirt loving boy!


Lisa said...

I, too, am a fan of the petite diced tomatoes =D

What lovely photos of your little ones and what a fun project to build.

Jodi said...

Hope you don't mind my saying I love your life :)