Monday, April 6, 2009

Rosmarinus officinalis
* * *
My lovely new olive oil bottle (a present from my man)
Beautiful--with little "church window" designs in the glass


Leah said...

I love the bottle! He's a good man... :)

Amy Ellen said...

That is so lovely. How sweet of him!

Melissa said...

The gothic arches in the glass are just so Elizabeth-Goudge-cathedral-town-ish. And the honey-gold green light? I think you've got a theme going today.

I'm glad you have a fresh rosemary plant this year. My big old one did last through the winter, but will be much happier when it's out in the herb garden. I brush my hand over it while I sit in the chair beside it. That smell...

rileyranch said...

mmm, Rosemary! I just bought a new plant, as our temps got so cold this past winter that my big old plant died! I added some to our mashed potatoes tonight for dinner!