Monday, April 6, 2009

moss under glass

I have a terrarium now too!
Despite the chilly temperatures I was able to find some moss growing on the north side of my house, under a bit of grass, where I hope to nurture a little moss garden in summer.
It seems to be doing well. I have tiny snails this morning.


Leah said...

I am so excited for you! :) Now I've just got to make one for me.

Melissa said...

I love it. A little fairy world, complete with a blue lily pool. Isn't it delightful to have something so alive and woodsy in your house after a long winter?

Way to beautify.
Love you--

Angela said...

beautiful - i love the contrast of the blue dish.

i noticed to referenced Judy Roger's "Why Can't I See God?" in your sidebar - we have that CD and LOVE it. have you heard of Songs for Saplings? Dana (the wife of an elder at our church) has 4 CDs - all are wonderful, and she draws her inspiration from Judy Rogers, among others.