Wednesday, April 1, 2009

piggy tails

Miss Greta Rose had piggy tails in her hair for the first time today! Her hair is finally long enough. Such a big girl she is. She walks all the time now and is fast enough at it that she is beginning to prefer it over crawling.







* * * ~'::

(the thing in her mouth is a green bean)

I hope these pictures cheer Uncle Bill on to a speedy recovery!
(Wisdom teeth removal...ouchie.)


Will said...

Consider me cheered!:)

Leah said...

I love the piggy tails! I didn't realize that she was walking that much. She really cruises around.

Charity Dawn said...

She is walking! Hooray! What a big girl. You know, pigtails definitely make me want a little girl! What a cutie!

Danielle said...

Preciousness! :)

What a big girl- walkin' with ponytails 'n all! Yep, yep. I really would love to have a lil gal someday too :oP

Its so cute to hear how excited and proud you are of your sweet baby!

Fred and Leon said...

Well, I didn't just undergo a painful mouth surgery, but am cheered just the same! I love you both!


rileyranch said...

How Sweet! I love listening to her giggle! They grow so quickly!