Saturday, December 20, 2008


Greta Rose loves doggies :)

Visiting Auntie's new home:


Christy said...

I LOVE your calligraphy stencil above the doorway "Be who you are"!!! Did you do that yourself or did you order it from somewhere?? What a beautiful blog you have here!!!! ;)

Katya said...

The stencil is actually in my Aunt's home, and I believe she got it as a Christmas present or some such thing, so I actually don't know where it is from. :)
I know there are places that you can special order rub-on transfer quotes for your wall, but I don't have a web address at present.

Emmachka said...

Katie ~ the photos are so beautiful, thank you for posting them. I cannot tell you what a great joy it was to have you all here. I truly hope you might come back soon.

As for the wall quote, yes ~ it was a housewarming present. The meaning of it is my next blog posting; but I think you can go to and place custom orders at a reasonable price.

Love you so!!

Melissa said...

Wonderful pictures of a happy day! I love the picture of you, Will, Greta, and Charlie in the first picture. As the mom, I love that you and Will look so much alike me, anyway.

Paula said...

Dear Katie,
I agree with your dear momma. You and Will look so much alike! I could tell you are brother and sister. That is a beautiful photo and I can see Greta is a true dog lover.

Your Aunt's new home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Love, Paula

Fred and Leon said...

I love the picture of Greta with her Uncle Ben! You can tell that she loves him so much!