Sunday, December 7, 2008

evening lull

~a mug of tea, cut-out sugar cookies from sister, chalkboard door to sketch inspiration on, colored lights and a few more ornaments to put up, my dude out in the garage finishing a car repair job *brrr*~

(Greta Rose was keeping me company... I found an ornament that she could have and she was very happy chewing on tiny Mr. Bear's nose!)


Melissa said...

It's all lovely. But my favorite is the chalkboard with words from Comfort, comfort ye my people. We're singing it these days in morning time... and the two advent candles lit with chalky flames. Jesus be with you as you turn your heart toward Him and toward joy these advent mornings and evenings.

Love you.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a beautiful evening! My favorite part is that beautiful old doorknob. :)

Paula said...

Dear Katie,

Your tree is so lovely, the lights cheerful, the cookies from your dear sister delicious looking, and your sketch and quote are beautiful!
The Lord bless you dear one!

Julian said...

beautiful lights of hearth, heart, and home. May the Lord Of Lights light your way this holiday, and forever,

Grace P. said...

love those lights! i wish i could visit your house over christmas, it looks soooooooo pretty! like a magazine house!
love lots!
grace (YFF) :)))