Wednesday, December 10, 2008

early morning

Snuggling with Greta in front of the fire after sending Daddy off to work ~'::

Daddy has spicy chicken broth in his thermos to protect him against the cold this morning--a good thing since it's 0°F out!


Fred and Leon said...

I love the burning candles! Exactly what time was it? :)


Melissa said...

Ooh, I love the cozy pre-dawn glow. And the idea of sending a thermos of broth to warm husband up on a winter morning. Way to wife!
Love you!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh, that's cold!

We had a few mild days, and are now down in the mid-30's - but nothing like 0!

Your photo of your candles in the early morning are beautiful!

Katya said...

It was 6:30ish by the time I took the pictures. I've been making breakfast at 5:55am, and generally Rosebud wakes up and charms her Daddy with smiles before he goes. Thankfully she still thinks it's the middle of the night and goes back to sleep for another hour or two after he leaves. :)
I must confess (hee hee) that I was making Caleb broth to drink when he came home from work, but it was his idea to put it in his morning thermos. :) He was getting tired of coffee.

Paula said...

Such loveliness as always!

As Sally Fallon would say, "Broth is beautiful!"

It is quite cold there. The lows here have been in the 30's and I am freezing, so I can imagine how cold it is being 0 degrees! Stay warm and cozy with your sweet Rosebud!
Love, Paula