Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...and a Happy New Year!

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For a beautiful lineup of pictures from our festive week go to the "Christmas Week" post on Mama's blog.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Katie!
I'm a regular reader, although I think I've only commented once or twice, but I just had to come and say, what wonderful music! And so beautifully played/sung. I've really only recently "discovered" bluegrass (don't ask me to count how many times I've watched Ricky Skaggs on youtube!), but it seems a perfect fit for my family of budding musicians. Could you recommend any favorite groups or albums that have that old-fashioned flavor? And please, don't hesitate to post more clips of your loved ones making those sweet sounds together!
Merry Merry Christmas~~
Robin in CA,
building a nest for ten

Katya said...

Well, for starters, my new very favorite CD is "Somewhere In Between" by our friends The Bankester Family that you can find at their website ( It is such pleasant listening with lovely songs and beautiful harmony. The music is beautifully refined, but has the old-fashioned mountain music flavor that I love! You can listen to some of the songs on myspace ( I listen to this one over and over. :)
Greta and I listen to Ricky Skaggs too. :) My brother knows who to recommend, so I'll ask him if he knows which albums I should mention. :)

Leah said...

Hi Kat. I tagged you on my blog. :)
Sounds like you guys had a blast! The music sounds wonderful!

Paula said...

Dear Katie,

Oh, the music and singing is beautiful! What a talented and happy family you all are!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am off to visit your Mama. Happy New Year to you, and may the Lord richly bless you and your dear ones!
Much love,

Katya said...

The greater part of the lovely sounds in these movies is being made by our dear friends the Bankesters, although my brother and sister were playing along too. :)

Charity Grace said...

My brothers and sisters and I used to sing and play often before I got married. Now God has moved us to different places and we don't get to do this very often. I miss it so much! Treasure these times!

Danielle said...

oh my! I just watched the videos today and my my my what fun you all must have had! The music is fantastic! What a blessing to have musicians in the home ;) Do you play?