Friday, December 12, 2008

{another skirt}

My skirt was roughly based on the skirt from this 1950's dress pattern and made from fine corduroy. It turned out well, I think, and I wore it to a Christmas party in the evening. Now for some heels to wear with it!

While I was finishing the last bits of my skirt, my little Rosebud found the kitchen cupboard that she likes and decided to try the fettucine.


Leah said...

Ahh!! I can't wait to see it!! It sounds absolutely wonderful!

Paula said...

I am so glad your skirt turned out well. It looks lovely. Dear Greta Rose looks as if she is enjoying herself immensely! What a sweet smile she has!

Have a blessed day!

Danielle said...

So sweet and a little mischievous at the same time! Did she enjoy the pasta? :)

Thank you for your sweet posts, for the prayers, and for the encouragement about my Grandma. You're a dear!

(and my cupboards aren't really that organized- he just happened to be in one that looked decent that day. he he)

Michal said...

Your skirt looks beautiful! I was just planning to redo an old one I started last year... it's such a wintery project. :) Greta Rosebud looks like she is very pleased with herself :-)