Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Morning

I have such a lovely little snowstorm outside of my windows this morning! Big, fluffy flakes steadily coming down. I love the fresh start of Mondays! I was able to get my house straightened from the weekend projects last evening, and I was able to wake up to a fairly straightened house, which is always a good thing.

My man and I got to go visit my parents’ house yesterday for Sunday dinner. It’s always wonderful to visit them at the farm! Mama had a wonderful dinner ready for us when we got there…roast pork, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, salad, bread, huckleberry jam…uuummm! I miss the winter sunshine coming in the sliding glass door next to the table, and watching the barn cats sun themselves on the deck. Mama made fresh blonde brownies in the afternoon, and we watched old episodes of “Petticoat Junction”…delightful! It is so good to spend time with my siblings. We have all been busy for a while and haven’t been getting together much, so it was so good to be with them. Mama and my sister made homemade pizza for supper. There's nothing like Mama’s pizza. :) We had a very good time.

I tried a new sort of herb tea this morning called “Gypsy Cold Care”, with elder and yarrow flowers, and peppermint and such. It’s delicious! And I’ve had a chance to talk to my mama on the cell phone this morning already. She gave me an idea for dinner…homemade creamy tomato soup and fresh popovers! Perfect for getting my man warm on a cold day. : )

I need to start sewing on a couple of winter skirts for my sister. One is out of a lovely orange corduroy and the other is denim. The skirt will be made in three tiers of ruffles…so that there’s room to actually do something in them. I have been working on some lace for one of them, but am not sure exactly where I am going to put it on the skirt yet! It’s turning out pretty, though.

Well, I should go do some vacuuming and start on my tomato soup. I am listening to audio recordings of the books “The Saturdays” and “The Four Story Mistake” by Elizabeth Enright this morning while I do my work. Delightful!


Ana said...

Hey Katya, I love your lace picture, it's great! I love little pictures like that. They are the best!! Thanks for sharing it!! Love reading your posts, they are very homey feeling!!! Love you tons!!!

Michal said...

I am so glad you got to see your family yesterday! Going home is always so nice :-) I love your house myself, so I can picture the warmth and joy of walking in the door and seeing your family there :)
The tea sounds yummy! Grandma sent me some today, too, and one of them is Tangerine. Yum! Mm, soup and popovers.. good idea! Have fun making them! I hope your day continues to be wonderful :)