Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am learning to knit, so I decided to try to use up some yarn that I had from previous projects in a sort of striped scarf. I need the practice! And hopefully my man can use it to keep warm with on these cold winter days...that is, if I finish it before spring!


Ana said...

Hey Katya! I love the fact that you're knitting. I need to get back into it, I haven't made anything for a while. And I also love the fact that you call my bro your "Man". :) It makes me smile when I read it. :) *giggle* Love you both muches!!

Emmachka said...

Hi Katya! I love visiting your blog, and have become a regular visitor. I too am a beginning knitter, but I use these big huge needles so it goes faster, but it's hard later to use the little ones! I really want to knit a hat, or some slippers... but it seems too complicated! We sure love you..."hi" to all.

Katya said...

I love those big needles! mother-in-law uses big ones when she makes her prayer shawls, and it makes them so soft and lacy that way! I just don't have a pair ;)...will have to get some!