Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Emmachka said...

Hi Katya, I love the blueness of you... I love knowing that I made a small contribution to the blueness in your home! Technical question, though... are you using HTML to put these pictures into your blog posting, or do you add the pictures some other way? I'm a rookie.. help me out.
Love you so,

Katya said...

Hello, Auntie Emma! Thank you for posting a comment on my blog! Pictures are really easy to add...you know the box that you type in when you write a post? (Since you have a "blogger" blog I'm assuming it's the same;)!) At the top, there's a little icon that will say something about adding an image when you point the mouse at it...then you click that and you can just browse your computer, or whatever you want, and upload pictures! (You meant pictures inside the post, right?) Hope that helps! Your blue things that I have are a continual joy to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaite! I love the blue things! It's my favorite color! Thanks for posting such wonderful things and for having a wonderful blog that is Christ centered. It's an encouragement for me:) Talk to you later!
Luv you lots!