Monday, January 29, 2007

Cozy Winter Evening

We had a blizzardy sort of day today...snowing and blowing. But now it's calm again. I even saw sunshine for a few minutes in the mid-afternoon! Time to get ready for supper and the return of my man from work. I plugged in my lit Christmas star (that belongs on the top of our Christmas tree, but I couldn't part with it when I put the Christmas things I stuck it in my curtain!), and lit my tea lights... Now I'm going to go drink my mug of tea and start supper. Hope you have a good evening. Take some time to ponder God's blessings in your life!


Ana said...

Hey sista! I love the picture of your tea lights!!! They are so beautiful and comforting!!! What a cozy little picture!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Love you tons!!!!!

Karrie Diggs said...

Your lights look beautiful! I wouldn't put them away all winter! Its so warming to the soul to have soft happy light, especailly as evening comes. You make a lovely home.