Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{a quiet birthday}

Greta and I had a nice, quiet day together. The day was overcast, and our home was cozy. We lit candles and hung a couple of crepe paper streamers. Mealtime with Daddy is always a festive occasion (Greta is so thrilled to see him), and we had meatloaf for dinner (courtesy of the delicious hamburger from the new 1/4 of beef that we have in the freezer). Greta ate with relish. We opened her presents after supper.
She got a new pink toothbrush for her very own; a sweet one with little ladybugs on it. A quick demo reminded her of what it was, and she proceeded to brush her own teeth with delight for a bit afterward.
I got her a small photo album last week when we were out grocery shopping and decorated it with some happy little-girl stickers; we also printed out some pictures of family members (Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunties) to put in there for her so she could have her own "Family Book". Well, you should have seen her face when she opened the book and saw a photo of the three of us. She was overwhelmed. Then she paged through the rest of the book and saw the rest of her people, pointing to each in such excitement to see them there. It was priceless. She kept going back to the first ones of her daddy! By the time she was done looking through it all she was thoroughly overwhelmed and ready for bedtime!
She also got her crocheted food to cook with in the kitchen, the selection having been expanded since my last picture. :)
We're so glad to have her here each day, thankful to God for bringing her to us and sustaining her through her first year. We enjoy every bit of it. Love you Greta Rosie.


Melissa said...

It's so nice for those who didn't share your quiet day together to get a happy glimpse! These words, pictures, and video are priceless. We've watched Greta open her little book and talk about her Daddy several times here this morning. So precious.

Love you,

Fred and Leon said...

I can't count how many times I've watched this video today, and each time it just melts my heart. She loves her daddy so much. Precious...


Happy 1st Birthday Greta Rose! :)

Sarena said...

I just love your crocheted food! Great job!

rileyranch said...

So sweet - thank you for sharing with us, and Happy Birthday Greta Rose!