Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Come in Houston..."
Tryin' out Daddy's new headphones. :)
Speaking of Houston...
Caleb actually got to visit the Johnson Space Center a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it was pretty cool. The tour included a peek into the old control room and getting to see the real Apollo 18. Maybe someday he'll take me! Until then, I have a pink t-shirt that says "NASA" on it. :)


helena said...

Hey, there sweetie pie! This is Houston. We have been quietly watching the punkin' grow and play. Love all the things she does. I think the skirts with the tummy are so cute. Wish I could pull off that look. I think it is the super cute factor. Stay warm up there. xoxo

Michal said...

Happy Birthday to the precious little Greta Rose! What a sweetie :) Kiss her for me!