Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rosebud

::'~ (More later...)

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Pictures from dinner on the Lord's Day with both Caleb's and my families; Mimi made a Mexican feast and Auntie Livi made banana cake:


Leah said...

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to the Button!!

Charity Dawn said...

"Happy birthday dear Greta, happy birthday to you!" My sister just had her baby last night. Marcus Gideon Mielke.

Rose said...

Happy birthday Greta Rose from Rose in Australia.

Fred and Leon said...


~Auntie Emily :-)

Rhonda Jean said...

Happy birthday Greta. She is growing into a beautiful little girl.

Fred and Leon said...

Did Livi get braces???

I miss you ALL so much!


Katya said...

Yes, she did. Actually all three of my sibs did. Two weeks ago, maybe? They're so cute! (Don't tell them I said so...they'd roll their eyes ;)) Their smiles are looking more natural now after having had them in for several days. Poor Will has had trouble eating because of where his teeth hit the bracket (Mama made lots of soups and smoothies!), but I think that is already improving.
We miss you!
One of the photos in Greta's new family picture book is from Van Vac, so she'll be able to remember who Auntie Emily is too. :)