Monday, January 12, 2009

winter project

A collection of crocheted food for Greta to cook with alongside me in the kitchen--for her first birthday in a couple of months.

(Inspired by a friend's creations and waldorf mama's advent gift)


Michal said...

Those are adorable, Kate :-) Greta Rosie will love them! She's going to be such a good cook, that little girl.

Paula said...

Dear Katie,

The crocheted food for your sweet Greta is adorable! You did a wonderful job!
Love, Paula

Fred and Leon said...

They look as if they would taste good as well! :-)

Love you!


Dandelionmom said...

Food cannot possibly get ANY cuter than that! (until I see a foto of that sweetie holding it of course!)--nice work-those are toys she will always treasure.

can U believe my verification is tater?? Have you made one of those yet?

Julian said...

how precious! Wow, what a treat for her!
You have talent!

Jen said...

Do you have a pattern you are working from? If not, can you write one? ;)

Elizabeth said...


Just wondering, did you "invent" the patterns for the corcheted food as you went along or did you find a pattern online or in a book?

Katya said...

No, no pattern...I'm just making them up: "add a dc cluster here, decrease there" as the mood strikes me. Unfortunately all the fun would be lost if I agonized over actually transcribing my crochetetive wanderings, so my suggestion for anyone wanting their own veggie project is: Google it! I just hopped over to google and found some real gems just on the first page:
:: Crafty Anna's Crochet Patterns--Fruits and Veggies
:: Truly Scrumptious Crocheted Food Patterns

There are also knitting patterns and places to buy already-made veggies. :)

Melissa said...

Love the garlic bulb. :)


Fred and Leon said...

My Dear Katie,
You have done such a marvelous job!! I love your creative genius. What a precious gift!!

Auntie Dortie