Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help Me Sing 376

Ye souls, who are bound unto Canaan,
Come, join in and help me to sing
The praises of my loving Jesus,
My Prophet, my Priest and my King.
His name is most sweetly melodious,
‘Twill help you most swiftly to move,
While Jesus Himself is the leader,
We’re bound by the cords of His love.

* * * * *

Help Me to Sing (Disc 2: Help Me to Sing)

You haven't heard this song sung until you've heard Mac Powell's arrangement (just my personal opinion, though). I have it repeating in my itunes library. It is ministering to my soul. From the CD "Awake My Soul & Help Me to Sing (the Original Soundtrack)".

"Help Me To Sing" sung here on YouTube

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Michal said...

I bought the song. :-) What wonderful words- and Mac Powell, how could it get better?