Friday, January 9, 2009

{from my man}

My new kitchen shelves:


My man and I both love to work on projects, and the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get some things done that need doing around the house. The shop that Caleb works at was closed over the week between Christmas and New Year, so we had several pleasant days together. Our main room got painted "Cup of Cocoa" brown, and we picked up some natural slate tiles for our entry. I asked my handsome dude if he had any insight into how to better utilize my kitchen space (something about those piles of things-without-a-place was getting to me), and he offered to make some shelves especially for my wall space.

I am thrilled with them. They're made of beautiful Red Oak boards and have a lovely, glossy finish. Beautiful. Real dream-kitchen material here. The kitchen feels much less crowded, but I actually have a place for everything!


Angel said...

Those are so gorgeous!

Michelle Cowden said...

Your kitchen was lovely before and is even more so now. I especially like the lowest shelf with Greta's chair there.

I enjoy reading your blog- it is soothing and inspirational. Such a lovely family you are!

Julian said...

what a sweet husband you have, and what a guesture of love. They are beautiful, and space is a much needed thing with children! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!

Leah said...

I love the shelves! Great job Bro! You are amazing. :)

Gail said...

How sweet of your husband to make such beautiful shelves. Very good use of space. I love the placing of the little chair for your little one! She will have fun playing there while her mommy cooks. "Cup of Cocoa" paint in the main room, I would love to see that cozy sounding color. What brand of paint has that color? I will seek it out. Hope your weekend is blessed! Gail

GodsLittleDreamer said...

Katie :)

Yay for new cabinets! My dad just made some new bookshelves for my mom the other day, their beautiful :)

How are you? your daughter is getting SO BIG! she's so beautiful, and she looks a lot like you!

I hope your having a great weekend with your hubby!

Love you girl!


Michal said...

How lovely! I always loved your kitchen; it's very Katie-ish, grinypsy and vintage and stuff. But it's so organized now; how could you not like such beautiful shelves as those? What a sweet kitchen.

Steve n Vickie said...

Love your cute little kiddie size chair to go with your shelves. Its adorable.

Paula said...

Dear Katie,
That was so sweet of your husband! He did a beautiful job making those shelves and you did a beautiful job organizing them. Your kitchen is so lovely and well organized, bright and cheerful. Just what a kitchen should be!

Love, Paula

SpejoryMama said...

Not only are the shelves lovely, but they look much safer with the little one around. Your home is so sweet and charming; it makes me want to pull up a chair and visit awhile.

Jenn V