Monday, October 6, 2008

I just finished listening to a most Wonderful panel discussion from last weekend's Desiring God conference. The discussion was with John Piper, Paul David Tripp, Bob Kauflin and Dan Taylor.

Watch the Panel Discussion - Piper, Tripp, Kauflin, and Taylor

I highly recommend taking the time to really listen to the whole thing. They packed so much wonderful truth into a short time. The topics covered included:

:: Saving Grace
:: Worship
:: Self-forgetfulness
:: Imagination
:: Artistry
:: How to Encourage


Angela said...

just found your blog. thanks for the link. we are reading some Piper for our small-group Bible Studies at church. I love the way he makes me stop, pause, focus on an issue of faith. i can't wait to look around your blog!

Paula said...

Dear Katya,

Thank you for sharing this link!