Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Before Frost

The weather prediction for my town said 32 degrees for Wednesday night. We have been having a pleasantly warm autumn, and this would be our first frost.
I have been letting my herbs and peppers soak up the last bits of sunshine and rain, and now it’s time to bring them indoors. Usually we let the peppers die off over the winter, but the habaneros are just now beginning to flourish and have so many lovely little green peppers hanging from their branches that I couldn’t bear to see a frost hit them. I went out with pots and a shovel Tuesday evening after Greta was asleep and dug up my beautiful thyme and oregano and sage plants to add to my kitchen greenery. They’ve grown so beautifully since I got them! Greta and I rescued three of the best-looking habanero plants before dinner and put them into pots. The rest of the beets had to be pulled, and the tomato plants checked for any last ripe ones. There were a couple of tomatoes with a blush of red, so I picked them. Hopefully they’ll ripen a bit more on a windowsill. If I were Ma Ingalls I would pick all the green ones too and make something delicious out of them, but I’m not and perhaps that can wait for another year! Now there is sage hanging in bunches from a line in the downstairs bedroom to dry, and the dehydrator is full of more cayenne peppers to dry. The house smells sweet and spicy because of the drying peppers. It’s a lovely feeling, being snug in the house with a fire in the stove, chill winds outside, and cheerful green reminders of summer in the corners. (Ha. I even stuck a pail of sage and thyme in my bathroom. Now my bathroom is not what you could consider roomy, but it improves the whole teeth-brushing experience a great deal to be tripping over some happy herbs. In my opinion at any rate. My Handsome Dude is probably rolling his eyes.)


Paula said...

Dear Katya,

I enjoyed reading about your preparations before the frost. I enjoyed the photos too. I especially love the herbs in the bathroom and the thought of your handsome dude rolling his eyes. I am sure he appreciates you making every room homey and sweet! Keep warm and enjoy snuggling with your Greta Rose!

Love, Paula

Anonymous said...

You might want to try fried green tomatoes - slice tomatoes (1/4"), then while they're still juicy and wet, dunk in all purpose flour, then in beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs (seasoned are especially good), then fry gently in butter. Cool a little on paper towels, eat warm. They're surprisingly filling, and my husband's favorite!
Love your blog - so many knitted, stitched and homemade things.

Katya said...

Fried green tomatoes sound delicious! Thank you. :)

Leah said...

Mom and I just did that today! We pulled all of the beets and tomatoes and looked for the slightly red ones and even the green ones so that they can ripen in our brown paper bag later. I just love this time of year! I'm sure that your Husband Dude will love to trip over your Thyme. :)