Monday, July 28, 2008


Echinacea angustifolia

"Parts used: Root. Properties: Alterative, antiseptic, lymphatic, parasiticide, sialagogue. What it affects: Blood, lymph, and kidneys.


Echinacea is the most effective blood and lymphatic cleanser of all the herbs; and it is tolerated by the system in fairly large amounts. The plant is apparently nontoxic; although, in some people, it may cause mild dizziness and nausea for a time. But combining it with a small amount of licorice root, or making the tea with 2-3 dates, will reduce these symptoms.
Use echinacea internally and externally for acne, bad breath, boils, gangrene, infections, skin diseases, tonsillitis. It is said to be effective against all venomous bites from insects, snakes, other animals, and reactions to poison oak and ivy. It is used for open wounds and painful surface swellings.
Echinacea is an excellent antibiotic, and ranks with goldenseal and red clover.
Warning: It should be used with caution by those who are pregnant, or allergic to ragweed or plants in the sunflower family. ... Only take 1 week at a time."

~Excerpt from the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia by Vance Ferrell & Harold M. Cherne, M.D.~


Steve n Vickie said...

I love echinaticia. Your garden is beautiful.

Paula said...

Hi Katie,

Thank you for sharing this information. I love Echinacea and have it growing all over our yard. Yours looks so pretty.


Anonymous said...

Makes me sneeze! (and itch-bleh!) Can't resist it in the garden though! The butterflies love it too! Pretty Hollyhocks-Leif's are white-you and he should exchange some seeds this fall!