Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our First Grilling of the Season...

It is Sunday afternoon March 30th and a cool sunless 47 degrees but plenty warm for a grillin'. It was unanimous (all two of us and Greta aka Button, Rosebud etc.etc.) this morning about what was for dinner.
Last year I tried my hand at smoke /grilling and thought I'd try again, it was simply marvelous, just the right amount of wood chips and a spritz of BBQ sauce.
Just figured I had to taunt you a little ;-)

A little saucy never hurt. oooo smokin ssssss
You want this don't you.

Posted by: Caleb


Ana said...

Uuuummmmm, yeah. That's very interesting. :) It was funny to get on here and see this post because I thought it was Katya at first. :) Are you going to start blogging now too? Fancy! And the grilling, very nice! I remember when we went over to your house for Sunday dinner and you grilled, it was very yummy!! Wouldn't it be great to do it again? *Ahem* Hint, hint. :D

Leah said...

O wow! That looks really yummy! Good to see that you have briefly entered in the the blogging world. :) I enjoyed this post very much! Love you so much brother! :) Oh.Did you take the pictures?

Charity Dawn said...

Seth really, really,... REALLY liked these pictures. Way to go Caleb! Another steak success.

Katya said...

Yes I took the Pics and Yes Yes all of yaz should come over nad we'll grill brats,hot dogs, burgers,steaks,roasts,chicken,piggy,vegetables or anything else you can think of. c-ya