Saturday, March 1, 2008


This morning's sewing project: a sweet little blue polar fleece cradle mattress-pad (Are there enough adjectives in that description?)

Also: a diaper changing table, nappy pins, baby washcloths, and more clean and folded diapers


Ana said...

I love this post, everything is so exciting!!! Waiting for Baby to appear! What a wonderful blessing God has given you!!!

Dandelionmom said...

I love that you are doing cloth diapers and I can FEEL your anticipation! Do you have a "snappy" to make fastening easier? PM me your snail-mail and I'll send you one-really fast :)

queen shenaynay said...


So thrilling. All of it.

A basket of clean cotton diapers still warm from the dryer is a sensuous delight. And the sight of them all folded and orderly is always oddly poetic. In a triumphant and redemptive sense. You know. ;-)