Wednesday, March 5, 2008


::'~ An afternoon jar of herb tea and recycling cranberry-scented candle wax ~'::
You know those big, four-wicked candles you can get at Walmart and such? I had one that I had burned halfway and then ended up having some real trouble with the wicks, so instead of throwing the candle away I made it into some new candles. I chopped it all up and then melted the wax pieces in a pan (I would use a double-boiler if I had one, most likely). I braided crocheting thread for the wicks and used an assortment of glass jars to hold the candles. The melting wax smells good, and I look forward to cozy evenings enjoying the flickering light from my new candles!


Vicki Fourie said...

You're so creative! Wish I was more like that... the only creative I get is writing and acting!

Would love it if you could leave a comment on my blog and let me know what you think of my writings (I want to become a writer). Thanks!


Charity Dawn said...

They are so fun to make! It seemed I had to trim the wick quite often, but it might have been because I didn't braid it tight enough. Ooh, I just love cozy candles!!!

Steve n Vickie said...

I bought a kit for making candles once. They didn't turn out so well.

You should ask Caleb about the three wick one I had shortly after Steve and I got married. James, Caleb and Steve used to stick their thumbs in it and chase me with hot wax.

Another time I left it burning too long and it burned through the side and dripped all over our wedding album. Candles smell so good, but somehow catastrophies follow me around :0