Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This afternoon I am listening to A Peaceful Retirement by Miss Read. Delightful. The sun has shone more today than it did yesterday, which has been so lovely. I have a nice big sun-patch coming in the south window. I am finishing up a little project of going through a pile of soft terry cloths to be used for diaper wipes, reinforcing the edges with a triple zig-zag stitch and trimming any escaping threads. Just two more to go!

My clothes-drying rack is a pleasing sight just now with my favorite ticking-striped pillow case and a new pooh infant car seat cover hanging from it. Makes me very happy indeed.

I suppose that it is getting close to the time when I should begin thinking what exactly I want to bring with me to the hospital when it's time for Baby to arrive. To that end, my sister is very sweetly letting me borrow her gorgeous blue vintage suitcase to pack with, which just so happens to match my lovely cosmetic bag. What fun! I feel like Donna Reed or something.

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Charity Dawn said...

Such happy preparations!