Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Little baby softies all fresh and clean from the washing machine--smelling like fresh air from Charlie’s Soap. I had a few moments of fun matching together little outfits! Then into their clean little organizer bin they went to await the day that they are needed.

Baby reminds me that he (or she) is coming with his attempts at moving around the now somewhat crowded space that is home for a few more weeks. It is a joy to feel the movement clearly now that Baby is so much bigger. It makes my tummy into funny shapes.


Ana said...

Wooshie clothes!!! How fun and amazing at the same time. I can't wait till the clothes are filled ... if you know what I mean!! Just slightly over a month! Wow!

Michal said...

They look so delightfully cozy, and I'm sure little Sefkies will think so too! Mm, I love baby clothes. :)

Tiffany said...

There's nothing like going through baby clothes!! When my cousin Ashleigh was pregnant I loved going through the clothes and getting them ready.