Wednesday, February 20, 2008


::'~ Sisterly help cutting out pattern pieces for one of my new dresses, listening to Prince Caspian on cd, washing newborn diapers to soften them for their first use ~'::


Michal said...

How precious! You two sisters are so lovely :-) I hope you have a warm, wonderful day, sweet cousin :-)

Kristina said...

Sweet Katya~

Such precious windows into these days in your life. I wish I could visit! I notice that you have your mother's beautiful hands. :) You are such a lovely, beautiful example of a Godly wife and homemaker. Thank you for the glimpses.

Auntie Tina

Charity Dawn said...

Such fun times! Your tummy looks so cheerful in pink.

dorothy said...

How will you let us desperate city aunties know you have gone into labor? We long to pray you through it...can Ben email us?!

Katya said...

Auntie Dorothy~
Yes, I can most certainly let you know when I go into labor. It would mean a great deal to me to have you praying! Depending on how it goes at the time I can email you or have Mama call you or some such thing. :) Shouldn't be too much longer now!