Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a true witness

"When will we realize that the world is not impressed with the religious version of itself? Our greatest effectiveness, our greatest weapon is not found in being like the world, but in being different from the world, in being like Jesus....
The church has been waiting for the world to get right with God. I think we need to realize that the world is waiting for the church to get right with God....
When we, the people of God, humble ourselves, when we turn from our wicked ways, then the world will have a reason to know and to believe that our gospel is true and that our God is real. Then many of them will fall down and worship Him as well."

~Quote from transcript of Nancy Leigh DeMoss's radio program from 10/16/07 in the series "Seeking Him--Holiness: A Heart Like His" (emphasis mine)~

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