Monday, November 5, 2007


We had our first snow flurries this afternoon! It wasn't cold enough for it to stay, except for on the edges of the tin garage roof or on a cold leaf. It came down pretty steadily for a while...blowing around in the street with the gusts of wind. A snowflake landed on my hand and I could see its lovely shape for a second before it melted. So now I am listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" music--something of a tradition in my family for the first day of snow. :)


Ana said...

I was so excited today when it started to snow! I love snow. :) I can't believe how steady it snowed for the short while it did. As it blew across the street it looked like little white waves. :)

Michal said...

Ooh, snow :-) How exciting! We are supposed to get our first snow tomorrow, and I am very happy about that; I don't mind the cold if there's snow to go along, and we're already singing Christmas music in choir so maybe it will help us get ready for our Christmas concert :-) Stay warm and cozy!