Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Few Days at the Farm

My handsome man is away for a couple of days on a business trip this week, so while he is away I am visiting my parents and siblings on their farmplace. I drove here early this morning so I could enjoy a whole day with my peoples. It is a grey, windy November day...wonderful for doing school and cooking dinner, washing dishes and drinking tea, listening to cozy music and doing crafts at the kitchen table together. I love family life. The extra time with my people is so lovely.

fresh eggs ~':: Jesus--the reason for everything that we do ~':: tea steeping ~':: the duck-carving handiwork of my talented brother
a lovely farmhouse table setting ~':: herbs in for the winter ~':: a farmhouse dinner...oh, yum.

My project this afternoon was to make the ornaments for the Jesse Tree my man and I hope to have this year. I got the ornaments from Ann Voskamp's ebook. I printed them out, cut them out, and glued a piece of lovely coordinating cardstock to them for a back. The gold ribbon is the perfect finishing touch! They are so beautiful. I look forward to having them in my home. (I used the smaller ornament size.)

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Ana said...

I love your pictures. How cozy and wonderful! I can't wait to see your new ornaments on your tree at your house. It will be beautiful and wonderful I'm sure!