Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pinecone project

Last night, while my man was building cabinets in the garage with his dad (as usual!), Ana, Leah, and I had a lovely time making sparkly pinecones to decorate with this winter. Ana and Leah had gotten the idea, picked their pinecones and bought gold and silver paint and then invited me to bring my pinecones over to join the fun! We needed to paint them outside so we’d have proper ventilation (the garage being full of lovely wood cabinets), so we set up outside on the front step…even though it was only 33 degrees out. The pinecones turned out lovely! I enjoyed setting them out around my house once they were dry. They are so lovely to look at…gilded in gold or sparkling with frost-like silveryness. You’ll have to check out my sisters-in-law’s blogs to see how theirs turned out because I imagine they will be posting about their pineconial progress as well. :)

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Ana said...

Hurrah for cameras that work and take pictures of wonderful silver pine-cones. :)I'm so glad you were able to come over and do them with us. :) I can't wait till we put up our tree so I can hang beauties on it.