Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Morning light through white ~':: Eagerly thumbing through my favorite baking book for delicious holiday recipes ~'::
Stacks of folded, creamy-colored softness ~':: Trying to bring a pretty sort of order to a smallish kitchen ~'::


GodsLittleDreamer said...

Hey Katie,
How are you feeling? You look so good. I'm so excited for you, I just can't get over it! I miss you girl, I hope your doing well. God is so good. I just had my 19th birthday, it was really fun. I will post pictures on my xanga site. it is
love ya!

Charity Dawn said...

Ooh! Holiday recipes are so fun to look through! There are some fun ideas!

GodsLittleDreamer said...

hey katie, do you think you could e-mail me your address, I would Love to write you! I hope you and your husband are doing well, tell your mom Hi for me and give her a hug. I sure miss you guys! Well, I gotta run!
Love ya!

Ana said...

Oh Kat, I love piles of freshly cleaned things and your pictures are so wonderful and cozy!