Monday, April 16, 2012

While I've been away...


The months since I've been here last have been full of so many things!  Many good days, and busy.   

Button sorting, Valentines 
Bedtime Bible stories with Daddy

At the end of February we sold our little white house in town, packed our things and put them into storage, and moved into my mama and dad's house for a month.  Everyone shared their rooms and space and [gave up their :p] quiet with/for us so kindly.

Pa had a birthday--50 years!  Olivia and Greta made German Chocolate cupcakes, and Mimi made curry for supper.  We had a party as the snow came down outside, decorated with Greta's colorful paper-chain.


 *'~ . ~'*
At the beginning of March our dear Rosie-girl turned four years old!  She and I made strawberry cupcakes for her party.  She loves to bake.

 She was so excited to be four!

Morning tea in her favorite teacup

We had a party at dinnertime with Mimi & Pa, Papa & Gramma, uncles Bill & Ethan and Auntie Livi.  And of course Mama and Daddy and brother. :)

Strawberry cupcakes!
(Gluten and dairy free, from Elana Amsterdam's cupcake cookbook.)

 After dinner the kiddos and I had a quiet afternoon together, and I gave them both their very first haircuts.  They both looked so nice afterward. :)

Springish weather came early this year.  We had many days to open windows and enjoy Mimi's balcony in the afternoons.  A wonderful unlooked-for blessing in the north!

. . .

Caleb, his dad, Will, Olivia and Leah all participated in this spring's Deo Cantamus concert.  The concert was a real joy to listen to.  It was wonderful to hear all those parts practiced for weeks come together with the rest of the choir to make such beautiful music!

. . . . .
On March 30th, we had a wedding!  Ana-dear was married to her Jay.  A wonderful, happy day!


. . . . . . . . . . . .
~ * ~
And... In the beginning of April we moved into our very own new home.  It sits on a lovely couple of acres, close enough to town to still be convenient to Caleb's work and church and our people.  There is plenty of scope for the imagination for gardening and fixing and making it ours.  A great blessing.  We are so excited and glad to be here for spring... 
. . . . .

 'What did Spring-time whisper?
O ye rivulets,
Waking from your trance so sad,
Pleased to welcome fisher-lad with his little nets,
Speed, for summer's in the air,
Prattle, for the breeze is warm,
Chatter by the otter's lair
Bubble past the ivied farm;
Wake the primrose on the banks
Bid the violet ope her eyes
Hurry in a flood of thanks
Underneath serener skies!
...What a haunted heart the thrush
Nurses in the blackthorn bush,
Full of splendid songs to sing,
Cheery welcomes of the Spring--
                 Spring is come!'
~Norman Gale
quoted in The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, by Edith Holden (p.23)


Melissa said...

Yay!! A delightful post of happy pictures and memories. I knew all this news, and yet it makes me smile to see it here. So glad you're back. <3

Shirley in Washington said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing all that has been happening with you and your family. Your new home looks wonderful and roomy. You are so creative I imagine you are brimming with ideas to "make it your own" - have fun. Blessings, Shirley in Washington

Nadine said...

Your little ones are growing up so quickly...they are adorable!
Congratulations on your new home!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Greta is four?! Unbelievable!

What a wonderful post of happenings, and how exciting about your new home on 2 acres! Lots of scope for the imagination, indeed!

I am so happy you are back to blogging too!


Sue said...

How exciting! Your new home is beautiful!

Charity Dawn said...

Oh Friend! I am soo happy for you! And yes, those windows - can you believe it!? Anxious to come visit you soon! Love you <3