Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our house sat empty for a few years prior to our purchasing it, so the landscaping will need a bit of love.  The juniper trees in the front yard are pretty much done, but happily they are full of vines--the sort one can't encourage in plants you care about but are delighted to find in ones you don't.  So, not that I had nothing else of consequence I could be doing but because I must chase vine inspiration, I spent Tuesday afternoon making a sort of arbor thing for my back shade garden-to-be.  It made me every bit as happy as I thought.  If you ever come stay with us you will be pleased to know that you can see the lights twinkle and birds splash from the guest bedroom window.

Yesterday was new carpet in the bedrooms day.  A happy thing.  Not that I don't appreciate green and black and gold...

The kiddos had great fun helping Daddy tear out the old.  Josiah was master of the hammer and duct tape.  Greta danced an encouraging sort of dance.

Of course once started on vine inspiration one cannot stop.  A heart garland for the kids' bedroom. 
(Naptime therapy for me!)

 Despite the banging of carpet installation, naps somehow happened in the living room. 
Better even than many normal days.   

I am very pleased to announce that my friend Monday now has a buddy, Wednesday. 
Refreshment will be forthcoming!

 Greta and I baked banana bread. Mmmm...

* * * * *
This morning is pleasantly rainy.  Greta is tromping around the living room in her rain boots with her umbrella.

Apparently it really is possible to make good banana bread gluten and dairy free!

 We love our new bedroom carpets.  I've always been a wood floor lover, but nothing really compares to the comfort of this deep carpet!

I am so happy to be putting things away in my room!


Melissa said...

Eeeeee!! Love the pictures and writings and Kate-at-home feel to these blog posts. I've missed your artistic shared scrapbook of grateful living here. I'm so glad you're back. And your carpet and rooms, and sweet sweet babies make me so very happy.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It looks great! Your new home has a roomy yet cozy feel. I love watching people make a home as home making is one of my very favorite things to do!

Your children are sweet, love the napping photos...


Connie said...

Thanks for all the pictures. The progress is amazing. The arbor and the heart are beautiful. Also, congratulations on a new scobie.