Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a tea

~for Mama's birthday~

Greta colored an owl for her;
Olivia made a lovely tea, with apple-cinnamon scones
and a poetic collage picture, like she does;
the four of us siblings got her a copy of a book of family photographs.


Will got his braces off!


Jenniffer said...

Really beautiful!

Mrs.Rabe said...



Jodi said...

It's in my prayer requests to the Lord to be able to sit at a table with you, fine hobbit and elves, to share a cup of tea and a tasty smackeral of something. In person. Face to face. For real. Your parties always make me teary. Happy birthday to your dearest mother. God bless all of you.

Kat said...

Oh Jodi! What a joy, joy, JOY that would be for us! I do so hope. May the Lord be with you as you start your new week.