Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I found the sweetest coloring pages for Greta this morning.  Alphabet pages with baby chicks and bird nests and jam to color in, number pages with mittens and socks to color in and count, a whole set of farm animal pictures.  Enough to fill many mornings with purposeful coloring!

:: Alphabet Coloring
:: Learning Colors
:: Learning Numbers
:: Farm Friends

(There are many others too, so browse
the site a bit if you like these.)


Jenniffer said...

I just loved sitting at the kitchen table, coloring in color books with my mom when I was little. I had always looked forward to the time when I would get to do it with my own daughter. However, I ended up with two boys who, try as I might, just hated to sit and color. So, I guess my hopes are now on a granddaughter (someday) to color with! Enjoy your sweet girl!

Melissa said...

Oh, sweet beauty child of my dreams...dear little FACE of earnest coloring concentration!!! And color. I can totally smell those crayon bits. I'm so happy that you found these wonderful pages for the Greta Rosie.

Melissa said...

I went to the site. Oh my word. The sweet innocent darlingness! What a treasure trove for little persons!