Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She's three

The Lord did indeed bless us with a 'pearl' when He gave us Greta.  She is such a treasure.  So tender-hearted, expressive, loving, energetic.  She loves to dress in pretty skirts and wear pink and cook and bake and dance and read her Storybook Bible at bedtime.  Little Pink Person.  She turned three last Wednesday.  Three--how can it be?  It was a lovely day at home.  She helped me bake her birthday cake.  A delicious gluten-free chocolate cake from Elana's almond flour cookbook frosted with marshmallow frosting.  She put the sprinkles and candles on entirely by herself (as she would say, "wiss mysewf"). 

We had a happy birthday-bunting and made vanilla ice cream with coconut milk.
My family was able to be here for supper.  Mimi made and brought over a magnificent lasagna.

Three candles!

The cake and ice cream were delicious.

She was so very pleased with her presents, and so grateful.

We love you so much, Greta Rose!

...~ * ~...

{next morning, Greta and dollie matching}

~ Olivia helped me take several of these pictures.  Thank  you, Livi! ~


Melissa said...

Overflowing thankfulness and joy...
Thank you so much for posting pics, Kat.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Greta!!

Oh, what a sweet girl you have. We have a "pearl" as well, our Maggie Rose will be twelve this year.

"Wis myself," don't you love the precious little things they say? My 5yo Sophie would say, "by my 'lone."

Glad to see you had such a wonderful celebration with your dear family. Lasagne~~yum!


Natalie said...

Happy birthday, Greta Rose! I miss you. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a precious gift indeed! I love how you embrace your motherhood and all of its beauties. The blessing of motherhood is full of riches.

Fred & Leon said...

She's SOOOO grown up :) Happy Birthday to her (extremely late)!!!

Love you all,