Friday, March 4, 2011

Monday at Mama's


Mama's house has become my Monday sewing place.  She graciously offered her home and help with babies and food so I could get a few of those all-consuming sewing projects worked on.  It was Pa's birthday this Monday, and we stayed for supper.  Mama and I got to walk to our sweet drug store, the babies both had a nap, Olivia baked, Ben was home and Will came later, and of course there was tea and sweaters. 

Greta got to make frosting for Pa's German chocolate cake with Auntie Livi.  Oh, how happy that made her!

Lovely sister, chopping walnuts


Oh the joy of baking with Auntie!
A happy birthday cake for Pa ~'::

Mr. Yummy, tired & teething
 A few more of the beauties of Mama's house, supper ready and waiting for the guys to come home~


Rosie said...

Oh, what a wonderfully lovely post Katie! It is so nice to see more pictures of your Mama's warm cozy home :) And tell Greta, it looks as though she was the *best* of helpers.
The cake looks delicious too.

Julian said...

you are all great artists in house decor. Love the dining room quietness and glow, the sweet Greta with Auntie Liv, and little (or shall I say big) man oh what terrible sweetness!:) The hoosier looks pretty, and I know you are so ever glad to have your mama n pa round.
blessings, and THANKYOU for posting;) christina

Kristina Elseth said...

Oh such beauty! I cannot wait to visit! :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Greta's face - all lit up and proud of helping bring in the cake is precious!

our lovely Mama's home is warm and girls inherited her gift I think...

michal said...

It's too, too delicious! I must come see the home in town. Of course it looks just like a Jakobitz house, which is why I love it so much.