Thursday, January 13, 2011

For the new year~

Or How They Turned Out

I decided one day in November to make magazine picture collage calendars for Mama and myself for the coming new year of 2011.  I excitedly clipped the prettiest pictures out of many favorite magazines saved for such a purpose.  I found so many that were, to me, 'Olivia' that I did have to make one for her as well.  After many days of clipping and sorting and arranging ((for... four minutes or less*)) it was turning out so prettily that I decided to save them as a sort of Christmas treat.  And I did.  One for Mama, one for me, one for Olivia.  Mine is hanging in my kitchen next to my sink to be enjoyed and scribbled on at will.  I left scribbling space even in the picture part of the calendar for thoughts or verses or quotes, should the mood strike.

So without further ado...

Mama's Collage Calendar ~ 2011





Olivia's Collage Calendar ~ 2011



Ta da!

I do realize that this is two calendars worth of pictures; I don't have pictures taken of my own yet.  Someday.

*Picture me, 7 years old, in cowboy boots, dress-up dress & apron, making pizza by myself for the first time, dramatically explaining to the camera in my best cooking-show-host voice that the pizza crust was turning out after all that kneading and kneading and kneading, for...four minutes or less.  It seemed like a long time!


Mrs.Rabe said...

These are so wonderful, Katie. I keep magazine photos for journaling. I love that you left room for writing thoughts...

Thanks for the beauty of your gifts and for sharing them with us.


Lilac Cottage Homestead said...

I love your calendars. They are such a GREAT idea!!!! I didn't buy a calendar for this year yet. Now I think I will make it instead of buying one. I have lots and lots of old magazines. Thanks for the idea!!


Julian said...

what a creative idea! I use old pics for journaling. and dreaming:) thankyou for sharing these loverlies!
blessings, christina

Jodi said...

This is a great idea, Katia. I love visiting here. All the beautiful photos that so effectively convey peace and quiet joy. Your blog is a resting place.