Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Christmas, part the 2nd

Christmas Day
with my man's family
My family & my man's family, of course, both being very much our family!

Caleb wanted to try his hand at a recipe from his new grilling cookbook, so for Christmas dinner he dug his smoker/grill out of a snowdrift and made us some fabulous steaks.  We made the tomato salad to go with, and I made rolls and a green salad (simply a must).  We took it all over to his parents', and, together with their food, we had a feast.  I say we should made it a yearly tradition!

Greta-girl's Christmas outfit, complete with new boots with pink stitching.
(Compliments of Aunties Leah & Ana and Daddy & Mama)
A Christmas Day nap in Auntie's fairytale room



Mrs.Rabe said...

What a blessing to have such love in your family!

My husband's family live all over the states and Africa (missionaries) so we usually don't see them for the holidays. My parents live close and come to be with us, my brother's family is in California so we don't see them either!

What a blessing you have to be able to be with both "sides" for the holidays!

God bless you all richly this year!


Kat said...

Yes we are blessed. We treasure these times knowing that these years with our siblings at home are numbered!

Connie said...

You may get two comments (or maybe not), the computer just quit as I was finishing the first one, so who knows if it will show up. Thanks for posting Christmas pictures. We left the next day and pushed the day from our minds for almost 2 weeks. Its nice to be reminded of what a wonderful day it was. Thanks for all the tasty food and the effort it took to have grilled steaks mid-winter. It was great! I agree we should make it a tradition.