Monday, December 6, 2010


Thanksgiving was at Grammy Rose's house this year.  An oh-so-very cozy place to be for such a holiday.  Auntie, Uncle, cousins and their friend were there too.  My family drove to our house, and then we drove on from here together in our big green van, over the river to Grandma's house.

There was football, of course, for those who are deeply interested in that sort of thing (a majority!),

and wonderful food, delightfully fun to prep together.

Gathering and singing,

and then eating! 

Then naps...                                                                          and sitting by the fire,

and games in the evening.

Then home again late.  A blessing of a day.


Melissa said...

Lovely, Kate. It was, indeed, a happy Thanksgiving day at 'Gigi's' house. Thank you so much for stepping back and snapping photos, then taking more time to post them here. It's so much fun to see it again through your photo art.

Olivia said...

Beautiful. Your pictures captured the loveliness! A delicious day, in more ways than one. Thanks for always remembering the camera. Sweet memories.

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a blessing to enjoy such gatherings with our families. So glad you had such a special day!

Auntie Meredith said...

Such fun, vivid, happy colors at Grandma Rosie's house. Please tell her I say "hi" and send my love.

It looks as if you had a perfectly wonderful day. :)