Monday, December 13, 2010


Main Street

Saturday was blizzard day at our house, as it was across most of the state.  Almost all of the main highways were closed, so we were snow-bound in our town with the snow coming down thick and fast.  With the wind blowing and the snow falling visibility was quite low.  It is so much more fun to be snowed-in with family so we drove across town to spend the day at Caleb's parents' house.  There wouldn't have been a way to drive even in town without the truck, and even so by evening the snow was so deep in the streets that it was tough going with it.  That all adds to the fun of a snow day though!  It was cozy inside and we made Christmas treats and listened to music and rested, and later some went drift-busting in the truck to pick up pizza (from one of few local establishments still open in the snow!)  Siblings came back to our house for a movie before bed.  Lovely fun. 
Roads were still closed on Sunday (and the snow was complicated by a quarter-inch of solid ice underneath and plummeting temperatures) so church was canceled.  Caleb blew snow most of the morning, and we went back to his parents' house for a turkey dinner, afternoon relaxing and evening singing.  I love snow weekends! 

My cozy nest


 (We got a new snowblower just in time!)

Making pie with Auntie

My man playing for us
Sunshine :)


Leah said...

Happy day indeed! I am loving the pictures sweet sister!

Auntie Meredith said...

It makes one feel rather silly for wimpering in our "bitter" 30 degrees! The pictures are lovely and I'm glad to have enjoyed them along with my morning coffee.

Connie said...

I missed meeting for church, but what a wonderful two days we had. We are so glad you could come over... Bring on more blizzards!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Nothing better than these family times!