Tuesday, August 4, 2009

life color

(entertaining herself while Mommie cleans)

Monday supper
::'~ pasta and a fresh tomato sauce
lots of garlic, garden green pepper, herbs just picked to top
also: muffins hot from the oven; corn

She called him over there to join her,
...and he did.
Clover, peppermint,

Baking and spice cupboard cleaning was the project of the day

photo to find when cooking

Tuesday morning light
Greta's very own cooking area
...and does she use it!
(The perfect place for her beautiful new initial from Auntie Leah.)

My sweet morning company
and her favorite book
Read it to me Mama, please?
morning pages


Melissa said...

Thank you for this visual feast! What lovely reminders of the beauty in an ordinary day.

Connie said...

All your pictures were wonderful, but the one of "buddies" brought tears to my eyes. I have another picture of a little boy sitting alone by the street similar to it. I'll have to show you some time. Thanks for posting it.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, I second what your Momma said. Such loveliness....