Monday, August 31, 2009

home again

We're back from our week of vacation in the north. It was a very good time. We shared a cabin with my family and our dear friends had the next over, right on the edge of Burntside Lake. We were on either side of the point, so our cabin faced the sunrise, and theirs the sunset. It was wonderful to spend time with my people. There was much fun and talking and music and food. We kept busy...boiling water on the stove to wash dishes, making tons of food in two tiny ovens and handwashing any laundry. Heaven must be a teeny bit like this...close fellowship, joy in working together, singing...only perfected, and with Jesus!

Will and Silas

We got in late Saturday evening, after a great day of riding with my family in a big van that we borrowed from friends. Greta did very well with the longish ride in her carseat. Mama had sloppy joes to warm up, and we settled in. We had a different cabin from last year, and we loved this one even more. The air was just cool enough to have a fire every morning and evening.

mama loon feeds her baby as the sun rises

our cabin
and the tree root steps to the lake edge

early coffee with Motherdy, watching the sunrise

Pa was Greta's morning buddy

from the window we watched
the early risers, canoeing with the loons
(Will, Kyle and Ben)

Greta watched the loons from the breakfast room with Pa and Mimi.
(When I came back inside she told me
all about hearing the loons and tried to
imitate their call to show me. :) )

Lots more pictures to come!


Melissa said...

Oh, Kate! These pictures are wonderful. As usual, your photo glimpses help me to soak in the moments that seemed to fly by so quickly in person! Thank you for taking time to snap and post! I'll look forward to more. :-)

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a sweet time you had with "your people." How wonderful! I like how you said it was a bit like heaven - how blessed you are to have such "people". It is wonderful when you all have the Lord isn't it?

I could see a bit of Autumn in the trees....I suppose it turns sooner up north than for us in PA. Can't wait to see more photos and hear about your trip!

michal said...

Delicious! I hope Heaven is something like that, because I want to join in some day. :-) How wonderful.

Leah said...

I am SO happy that you guys had a great time! I am almost jealous at how beautiful the place was that you were able to stay in. I am VERY happy that you are posting pictures about it though, now I can imagine its beauty even better. :P


I am SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that you guys are back!!! I was getting really sad not having my lovely people across town.