Friday, October 26, 2012

Late October is feeling much like November in her gray coat.  Cloudy days and a few rainy; chilly noses and apple cider.  Such good days.  Snug inside, music and stories and a wee sister.  My fleeting triumph of the week was catching up with the laundry--ha-very-ha!--if only for a few hours. :)

The giftings of my October garden.
Probably the last of the season.

playdough afternoons

a happy room



Putting together the new toy.
Yay for paintball.

My supper-making buddy.
Mama's left arm is, apparently, a cozy spot.

Someone is having fun!


Julian said...

I really enjoy when you and your sister post. such beautiful pictures. Cozy homey loveliness! Sweet little sister. Your kids are sure growing up,and your husband sure will have fun with that! My 16 year old son enjoys paintball!

Karrie Diggs said...

Oh Kat, I wish I were in these cozy pictures with you! Your children are lovely as is your home. :) I too love the dreary splendor of feels like home.
And seeing the beauty of your laundry room, I don't think I would want to ever finish my laundry!!:) much love to you darling girl. I miss you.