Friday, October 19, 2012

first weeks

Annika has been a delight to all of us.




(Olivia has been such a help!)            



(Gotta get in some target practice on these crisp afternoons.)            

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We've been working on another one of the many house projects that we stay busy with.  When I say "we" I mean Caleb, with me keeping him company while I take care of the littles. :)  We finally figured out where the leak in our back entry bathroom was from and ended up having to remove much of the floor and walls.  Caleb has been working evenings to make it clean and dry and new again.  It's almost finished! 


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Mrs.Rabe said...

Caleb is a very handy man, just like my husband! I am so thankful for a husband who can do these kinds of things. The flooring looks great in there!

The baby is sweet as can be...does she resemble the other children as a baby or does she look more like Daddy?

Savor these days, Katie. They are treasures!